Animal Protection
concerns us all!

We've done a lot ...
but there's so much more to be done!

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Dear animal friend,

In 2003 we founded the association 'Animal protection concerns us all' for the benefit of animals and animal owners. In our foreword we would like to explain the reasons a little. In the field of animal welfare there are numerous associations that take on the good cause. Of course, this topic is to be considered internationally. From protecting species, from whales to the cruel killing of seals and their babies, from chasing elephants to make a profit from their tusks to unnecessarily hunting tigers; this list would be endless. There are also the regional animal welfare associations, animal shelters and sanctuaries. So there are a large number of animal welfare organizations. Each individual is important, relates to their status, whereby many clubs represent a community to fight on a cause ... at some point the commitment is rewarded with great success. We are thinking of bullfighting, for example. Success at last after many years of hard work. Bullfights are no longer broadcast on public television, and in part of Spain they no longer take place. This success is due to the commonality of the animal welfare idea. We should also keep in mind that many employees do their work on a voluntary basis. We, too, the association ´Tierschutz concerns us all´, are a small contributor to animal welfare and will continue to fulfill our tasks. We would like to try to give an overview of our activities on our website. If one or the other is not in your interest, write to us. Of course, it would be nice to also reconsider positive feedback. Every inquiry, concern and improvement concerns us.

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Many thanks!

Tha animal protection team