Animal Protection
concerns us all!

We've done a lot ...
but there's so much more to be done!

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Dear animal friend,

My name is Sabine Urbanek, I am 48 years old and a single mom of two children. In 2003, I established the association "Animal Protection concerns us all!" for the benefit of animals and animal owners. In my preface I would like to explain some of my reasons.

In the field of animal protection there are numerous organizations which take care of the good matter, here and abroad. From the protection of species to limiting the hunt on whales, from the cruel killing of seals and their babies to the hunts on elephants to profit from their tusks up to unnecessary hunting of the tiger ... the list would be endless. Add to this the local and nationwide animal protection groups, animal shelters, and sanctuaries. Each individual group is important and has its own calling while, together, they fight for the same good cause. Sooner or later their engegement will be rewarded by remarkable success. Take bullfighting as an example: After many years of arduous work bullfights aren't shown on Spanish TV anymore. In several Spanish provinces they are simply forbidden now. This success is the result of common thinking and coordinated activity by organizations promoting and preserving the idea of animal protection. Also consider that most such organizations are manned by volunteers. We at "Animal Protection concerns us all!" are a small part of the overall effort determined to continue on our way for a long time.

With this website I'm trying to give you an overview of our activities. If part of it doesn't meet your approval, please write to me. Of course it would also be encouraging to get positive feedback. Each and every question, worry, or proposition concern us.

Send me an email message.

Many thanks!

Sabine Urbanek