Animal Protection
concerns us all!

We've done a lot ...
but there's so much more to be done!



The animal welfare situation in Spain is fundamentally different from that in other Central European countries such as Germany or Austria. In northern Spain there are, for example, excellent animal shelters that comply with a Central European standard. More »


The association „Hope for Buksi – Austrian Animal Aid“ was founded in December 2011 after a group of Hungarian animal rights activists called for help. These live in the village of Balmazújváros near Debrecen devoting their life to animal protection. More »


The Mongolians let their dogs run around freely without doghouses. They are used as shepherd dogs. They eat what's left from the family table, mostly bones. In mass slaughter in the fall or during festivals parts are specifically saved for the dogs. More »


One of our animal welfare officers traveling in Thailand, in Buriram province. Actually it should have been a market stroll, to buy some food for dinner. Looking at one of these street vendors she was taken aback. She was sure she had seen this man before. More »


In order to oppose this deplorable state of affairs, we must organize togetherness. In Russia, there is virtually no or completely inadequate legal protection for animals. Especially with dogs a real massacre takes place on the streets. More »


In countries like France, Malta, Sicily, Sardinia, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus, up to 40 million songbirds fall prey to illegal hunters, caught in their trapping devices. More »


Animal Protection concerns us all! Various Slovakian animal protection organizations are following with great concern the increasing number of illegally captured animals, animal cruelty and, in particular, illegal and cruel killing of ... More »


The heaviest rains that have been measured for 120 years have shaken these areas. In some regions, up to 150 liters of rain per square meter had fallen. The people in Bosnia-Herzegovina were surprised overnight. More »

The poor fowl

What keeps you warm in the cold season is connected to a lot of suffering for the animals plucked. Carrying ease together with optimum thermal performance are promised by both the clothing and ... More »