Animal Protection
concerns us all!

We've done a lot ...
but there's so much more to be done!



'Animal Protection concerns us all!' has launched an international campaign against the senseless and cruel killing of bulls in the Spanish bullrings. Our allies fight to put an end to bullfighting in Spain both locally and in other EU States, through activism, education and public relations. More »

Songbird hunting in Carinthia

After gloomy and above all very long-lasting, cold and changeable weather in wintertime ... finally the first warm rays. Who wouldn't enjoy this awakening of nature! Everything about us wakes up from the so-called hibernation. An almost endless twittering, More »

The birdcatchers of Thailand

Our songbirds' habitat is restricted more and more. The gardens are less and less sufficient for the needs of our feathered companions. Well maintained lawns and flower beds, insecticide and monocultures complicate foraging for this cheerful crowd. More »

Transport of pigs in Thailand

Buri Ram is located in the southeastern part of the Khorat plateau, on the border with Cambodia. There are numerous extinct volcanoes in this province. The city of Buri Ram is situated about 400 kilometers from Bangkok. More »

Duck hunting in Burgenland

Hunting practices along the Leitha call for our engagement. Every year hunters around Nickelsdorf and Zwirndorf, in the district of Neusiedl am See, release thousands of bred ducks. This effort only serves to increase the hunting quota. More »

The poor fowl

What keeps you warm in the cold season is connected to a lot of suffering for the animals plucked. Carrying ease together with optimum thermal performance are promised by both the clothing and ... More »

Fire Bulls in Medinaceli

Medinaceli is a city in the province of Soria, part of the Autonomous Community of Castile-Leon in Spain. Every year in November the religious festival "Cuerpos Santos" is celebrated in Medinaceli. In this festival bulls suffer cruel torments. More »

Songbird hunting - due to a custom

In countries like France, Malta, Sicily, Sardinia, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus, up to 40 million songbirds fall prey to illegal hunters, caught in their trapping devices. More »

Animal Protection Law in Russia

In order to oppose a deplorable situation in Russia, we must organize togetherness. In the biggest country on earth, there is virtually no or completely inadequate legal protection for animals. Especially with dogs a real massacre ... More »