Animal Protection
concerns us all!

We've done a lot ...
but there's so much more to be done!


Hedgehogs in our gardens

In order to be able to offer these lovely stinglers a fine home in our gardens, we should pay attention to some details. At the winter quarters, care must be taken that it is not too warm - the animal might wake up too early from its winter sleep..More »

Rats sniff land mines

The Ottowa-convention prohibiting the use of landmines has been in force since 1999. Trade as well as production were stopped. Over 50 Million stored mines were destroyed. Nevertheless, More »

Monkeys help disabled persons

A lot of disabled peersons need help to manage their everyday life. In most cases nurses, family members as well as dogs are available. In the United States, the organization “Helping Hands” trains monkeys as helpers for handicapped people. More »

Wildlife Park Cambodia

The kingdom Cambodia with its capital city Phnom Penh is a state in south-east Asia. This country is located at the Gulf of Thailand, between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. More »


Hunting ... damages the balance of nature, leads to overpopulation ( e.g. wild boars react with increased reproduction), family ties get torn apart, ... More »

Travelling with domestic animals

Most cats don't like changes of environment. Travelling stresses them. Dogs don't like to be separated from their pack which in most cases is represented by your family.More »

Poultry BBQ Station in Thailand

Thailand’s grill stations primarily offer Asian Blue Quails. They are being called Chinese Blue Quails there. Those birds belong to the family of pheasants. More »

Public Relations

Since today, some Viennese taxis carry advertising space for "Animal protection concerns us all!". This should promote the awareness of animal welfare.More »